Unofficial Snapchat button

A button embed to promote your Snapchat account.

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If anyone wants to embed my Snapchat account on their site... you have my permission haha Cool idea @bradleyfew... only issue is the not being able to verify I guess! BUT what you DEFINITELY DO is add "producthuntteam" on Snapchat... as you will be able to see the Falcon Space launch 😱 πŸš€
@bentossell Thanks mate! Yeah, that part isn't great but a necessary evil for now.. A public API would probably give me access to a users score (I'm sitting comfortably on 20k+) which would be awesome. p.s the url of the button will link through to your snapchat profile which as of last week now has a home on the web - !
cool but kinda what snapcodes are for
Thanks! I'm creating a Snapchat related website and this will be very useful ✌
Added it to my website as well! :)
Cool, I'll definitely embed this!