A colorful CSS framework made by a human not an AI

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 10, 2017

Unnamed is a colorful mini css framework

Read more about How & why I made it here: https://www.codementor.io/ismail16smakosh23/my-short-journey-building-unnamed-my-own-css-framework-csqi9o679

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Needs work. Look into the alternatives, or roll your own stylesheet using the new CSS grid layout as detailed here: https://developer.mozilla.org/en...


Not much.


Better alternatives are Skeleton, Pure, Bulma, even just pure CSS written yourself. This implements bad design patterns.

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Please read the blog post or the description of this framework, it is not recommended for use on prod apps. Yes I didn't follow any css design patterns as I didn't have time to do that, I cared more about getting something out that I personally can use while building small apps in the purpose of learning React. About css grid, I'm used to it and I made bunch of pens on Codepen.io with complex grids but I didn't use it on this framework as it is not yet supported on Opera mini and some other browsers, maybe I will upgrade the float/clearfix grid to a flexbox one. Have fun building & *Shipping*.
This is.. uhh.. how to say this.. not that good. 🤔 No consistency in border widths between buttons and other field elements. Styling classes that don't really follow a good, scalable pattern like BEM. Wonky shadows. An implementation of a now archaic grid (look into CSS grid). Can't really recommend this, or say I'd use it. Something like Pure or Skeleton proves better, and even those are dated by the newer functionality afforded in CSS. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I will, however, give you props for your first foray into the wild west of CSS frameworks. Keep studying and evolving this. ✊
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@bsradcliffe agree with this.
@bsradcliffe thanks ! I'd recommend using the sass version though which is on the github repo
@bsradcliffe If u've read the doc, you can remove the box-shadow from buttons, the grid is a flexbox one (no floats)
@smakosh flexbox is not intended for grids. Grids are intended for grids.
@bsradcliffe many front end developers have used and loved Bulma ;)
Interesting product. Some of the colors are a bit too much for me but I definitely see this being useful to a lot of people
@fouad_tolaib I'd recommend using the sass files on the github repo so that u'll be able to easily edit each element you want !
@fouad_tolaib Hey I added a black color that u might like to use as a default one :D
"CSS framework made by a human not an AI" Is there any css framework made by AI? BTW, Skeleton is no longer active. Their last commit was 3 years ago.
@heinzawhtet Yup you can train a RNN on a dataset of css code to generate css code :D check this out https://github.com/tonybeltramel...
@heinzawhtet @smakosh "The project pix2code is a research project demonstrating an application of deep neural networks to generate code from visual inputs. The current implementation is not, in any way, intended, nor able to generate code in a real-world context. We could not emphasize enough that this project is experimental and shared for educational purposes only. Both the source code and the datasets are provided to foster future research in machine intelligence and are not designed for end users."
@heinzawhtet @chase_wackerfuss yeah I know it is still under research
It is really easy to use!