Unmute 2.0

Social phone calls. Dial one, speak to many. πŸ“ž

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When you take the intimacy of live video chat, remove the anxiety of being on camera, and throw in the spice of an open network + hotlines, you get something that creates new connections and relationships like no other. We saw so many people becoming real friends through the first version of Unmute that we wanted to focus on getting people into those calls as quickly as possible this time around. We hope everyone likes it!!
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@jayyeh Love the update! Nice work!
*drake voice* I know when that hotline bling
We rebuilt this version from the ground up. Taking what we knew worked in the first version and stripping what didn't. A big effort was also made into migrating all of our infrastructure from parse to AWS and actually making the app a lot more extensible. I'm working on a blog post that goes into more details but happy to share more now if anyone is interested.
@timothyzelinsky Its horrible how Parse suddenly quit. Did you keep the nosql structure, or went to RDS, as you had the opportunity to redesign the database?
@stephanduq yeah it sucked definitely. But there are positives to owning our own backend. So trying to focus on those :P.. We are running on DynamoDB now so it required a complete redesign. Not having to manage our own infrastructure has definitely been a plus.
Slick update - big fan of the new release
We're seeing more voice-based apps, for both communication (e.g. Roger) and broadcasting (e.g. Anchor, Bumpers). Unmute just launched a big update that feels like an audio version of Talkshow or Public. Curious what you've learned since the initial launch of Unmute 9 months ago, @jkemink and @justinspraggins.
@rrhoover @jkemink @justinspraggins I remember the launch! I was sat in Google office in UK and was chatting with you Ryan and @corleyh haha. @jkemink @justinspraggins what have the biggest challenges been so far? How do you see the market reacting to this and others in the space?
@bentossell @rrhoover @corleyh scale was tough for us, so we had to rebuild the app from scratch. @timothyzelinsky can jump in on the dev decisions. With this release we wanted to streamline everything from the branding, UI, and dev stack.
@rrhoover @jkemink @justinspraggins I really like the app's design. What is the difference between this and a live streaming?
i love the notion of hotlines. i just called in and learned all about @kanyewest & @taylorswift13
@matthartman @kanyewest @taylorswift13 The hotlines have been a hit today. Interesting.