Unmistakable Creative

A podcast of candid conversations w/ creative entrepreneurs

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I love this so much, especially the episode with Elle Luna, the author of "The Crossroads of Should and Must". It's so inspiring to listen to creative people talk about what they do and how they've gotten here.
@v4violetta Thanks so much for helping us get this in product hunt. Really appreciate it.
Amazing podcast, probably one of the first ones I started listening to back when it was BlogcastFM and it has only gotten better since the name change. Srini is an amazing interviewer and his honest and open approach really makes the show something. He not only gets his guests to open up, he is quite open about his successes and challenges so we can all learn.
@robertwilliger thanks Robert. Really appreciate your support over the years.
Srini is a pro, and the artwork alone will get you thinking creatively.
@brentsum thanks Brent. Really appreciate it.
I've binge listened to the last 50+ episodes and they keep getting better – the episode with Elle Luna (http://unmistakablecreative.com/...) was exceptional! Keep up the great work @unmistakableceo and glad you decided not to throw in the towel last November.
@jonnym1ller thanks Jonny. I"ms o glad to hear that. Its been an interesting couple of months for us.
I'm always looking of good podcasts - look forward to giving this a listen. The "album art" for each episode is dope!
@gerbz Thanks. Our illustrator Sarah is pretty amazing. You should see what those look like on my wall printed and framed.