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Data-powered ideation toolkit for brand content creators.

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Discover is a data powered content ideation toolkit. A toolkit to help you validate, explore & research ideas which can be organized into topics to help share and collaborate with your team.
I'm not sure whether to be worried or impressed!
@matt_aunger Yikes, what would make you worried?
@peterclaridge Call me a pessimist, but in my opinion, the idea of data driving creativity will likely result in post after post of repetitive content, on the basis that the data shows it's worked before, or will work in the future. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the product.
@matt_aunger I'd share your pessimism - if that's how the product worked, i.e. took a bunch of input variables and programmatically churned out content as one would expect in a "bots marketing to bots" dystopian future. No, that's certainly not what the product does and not what we'd want happening either. Creativity, we believe and hope will always be the case, is best done by people who're tapping into their collective experiences to generate something unique. The "data" part expands your field of vision by bringing possible conversation topics in front of you, and by showing you other great executions for pre-identified topics - simply to get neurons firing. I used to work in advertising about 20 years ago. At that time, when bereft of ideas, my creative colleagues would flip through a (can't remember if it was the red, black or blue) book of creative executions - simply to get inspired. And then they would create (hopefully) beautiful advertising. The idea behind Discover is similar - to expand your field of vision and get those creative juices flowing. Over to the human
@luxnarayan Like I said, perhaps I'm misunderstanding. I've taken a closer look, the crux of it appears to be based on feeds of content from popular brands, split into categories. The idea being you save said content to boards, and presumably refer to them at a later date. Is that about right?
@luxnarayan Also, is that not just...Pinterest?! (Edit: the inspiration boards point)
This looks very cool, just signed up! What's the cognitive engine/ontology look like under the hood? Can I map in or use data sources on my intranet?
@brian_tessier Thanks Brian. Under the hood is a proprietary, albeit gathered from publicly available sources, dataset of over 320MM pieces of content from brands - posts, tweets, etc, indexed by a Solr engine. 1.2 trillion markers of engagement around these content pieces, suitably indexed and search/filterable allows for easy surfacing of engaging content and topics based on historical affinity with a vertical. Do let us know what you think after trying it out.