The to-do app for bookmarks

I just signed up for this yesterday and I love what's going on so far. I'd been using Kippt for a while but since they stopped developing, I need something can rely on long-term and the self-hosted version of Unmark offers some protection against an exit by the founders. Organising the information is still a problem that hasn't been completely solved yet. Bookmarking is a critical part of my curation workflow and I believe that curation will only continue to expand as a way to organise the web. I'd love to know what others are using for bookmarking.
Hey @rrhoover sorry I made a typo in the name (it's just Unmark) would you mind fixing? Thanks!
@mutlu82 Thank you for posting Unmark to Product Hunt. Much appreciated.
I wish we could get this re-listed as simply Unmark. Also, re-submitted to be fresh.