Magically copy mailto links & block the email client

Nothing is more frustrating than clicking an email address in your browser and it opens the email client. That’s why we made Unmailto a free chrome extension that makes mailto links copy-able, just exactly how they should be.
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We can tweet from the moon but whenever I click the mailto; links my e-mail client opens up and starts syncing my emails. Unmailto fixes this annoying problem and makes mailto links copy-able, just exactly how they should be. You can also open Gmail in one-click. We had a lot of fun building this as a side-project and want to make this chrome extension available to everyone for free :) It's our way of saying thank you and giving back to our community. Cheers, Yash
Excellent Idea!
@rash_idrissi Thanks Rash! Do share your feedback on any features or ideas you may have :)
@yash rather than a hover action, I'd prefer if it just stole the click and then told me it copied via the hover. There's already plenty of Chrome extensions for opening mailto links in Gmail...I installed yours for the copy aspect, as I imagine most will do. #superhuman =)
@parterburn That's a great usability perspective. I definitely keep it in mind now that we've had some initial users, will polish this further. We made this for fun.
Kudos guys, it looks like a winner, I'm already using it!
@haimpekel Thanks a lot Hakim!
Great idea @yash ! I've already downloaded it.
@eulerr thanks for your support mate, appreciate it
Great idea, but it's for chrome only.
@hexandcube Thanks and we'll be building it for other browsers as well we were just validating the need