Unlucky 13 - An addictive puzzle game!

Challenge your brain, make colorful lines, & beware of 13!

Hi there, Product Hunters! Last week we released our 10th game at Total Eclipse, and today I'm here to tell you all about it. Unlucky 13 is a simple, endless, block puzzle game. It is relaxing, but it requires skill and strategy, especially if you're aiming for the top positions of those leaderboards. Your goal is to make horizontal and vertical lines on a board with colored blocks, keeping in mind to avoid creating clusters of over 12 tiles of the same color. If you do, the game ends! As you play you will notice that the boards expands and new block shapes appear (we have over 40 of them), some of which are very tough to place. The game was developed by 3 people in less than 3 months, so your support would mean a lot to us! Enjoy, let us know how you like it, and please leave a review on the stores! PS: Our early testers thought the game was too addictive - you have been warned! 😀
this game is a mind blowing tetris! totally recommended
@nikos_korompos Thank you so much! 😊