Unlox (formerly MacID)

A beautiful redesign of MacID tailored for iPhone X

Unlox is a beautiful redesign of MacID - the original and best app for unlocking your Mac with your fingerprint and now your face. Rebuilt from scratch in Swift, Unlox focuses on speed, reliability and simplicity. Special considerations for supporting Face ID have been taken as well; not just a pretty face!

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5 Reviews5.0/5

It's never been easier to unlock your Mac with your iPhone. The proximity un/lock is very useful too.


Works perfectly



Beautiful redesign of MacID. Works like a charm.

I've used MacID (the previous incarnation of Unlox…see https://unlox.it/blog/2017/12/29... for details) for years and LOVED it! Unfortunately, MacID broke because of a Bluetooth LE bug in iOS 11, so the developer took the opportunity to completely rewrite MacID with modern frameworks and a fresh, new UI. Works as awesomely as ever. HIGHLY recommended!


Unlock your Mac from your iPhone or watch with just a tap. Uses FaceID on the iPhone X without so much as a hiccup.