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Hey all, the co-maker here! I created UNLOST with my friend Jamie Varon as an audio course (something we haven't seen) to help other creatives get past that first hurdle of actually starting to make something. It's almost the pre-requisite for other courses I have like Creative Class or Finish Your Damn Book. I'm really stoked to get this out into the world, Paul
I have read Paul's books and his courses are fantastic, helped me out a lot! Together with Jamie, this one seems to be another winner, so I'm definitely getting it.
@vitorspencer Thanks Vitor! Hope you enjoy :)
So pumped to see this collab. Jamie is one of my absolute favorite writers and creative builders, and I've been a huge fan of Paul's work for years. I dig the product angle, as my GF and I have been working on something similar for a different audience. If I were a creative I'd 100% take insights from these two. Paul, Jamie, how'd you choose the format? And to me, valuing your work (charging for it) is a huge hurdle for people - did you both experience that? Finally, how do you think about accountability in the context of these challenges - ie you can give people a blueprint for success but some people have a hard time sticking with it... Awesome collaboration and congrats on launch:)
@dshan Hey Derek! Thanks! We chose the format mostly because we haven't seen any audio courses and felt like the conversation between Jamie and I was the best option for the course content. And ya, I hear you on the charging for work. It's tough, I still struggle with it. Now it's mostly a matter of practicality, my mailing list, hosting, etc (i.e. things that I do so folks can consume my work) cost a LOT to maintain each month, so charging for a handful of things each year is required :) Plus, I really like making things and seeing how they fare in the open market. PS: I don't think there's a blueprint for success :) If there truly was only a single path, everyone would be on it and everyone would be succeeding.