Monetize your content with a few lines of code

Unlock is a protocol which enables creators to monetize their content with a few lines of code in a fully decentralized way.

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Fascinated by this space. We've seen several microtransaction platforms emerge (Brave is a more recent, creative approach to this). Why do you think so many of these efforts have failed, @julien51?
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@rrhoover Thanks for the kind words! So, I would not say that Brave has failed. I see them more as some kind of advanced ad blocker where the users' "attention" value (in the form of BAT) is passively split among all of the sites they've consumed/interacted with. My main criticism is that I think we should not use "attention" as a currency. It incentivizes the wrong behavior from the creators: try to "steal" as much time as possible from their customers. We're taking the route of explicit contributions: if I care about something, I want and easy way to pay for/contribute to it. Our hunch is that the reason most people don't pay for things is not so much because of their price (4 Starbucks lattes would probably cover the average users' ad contribution per month), than because it is just very complicated to actually pay for things (creating accounts, entering credit cards, hoping that their CC is secure, that they can easily cancel... etc). We hope to eventually unlock (pun intended!) a virtuous circle where reduced friction leads to higher conversion rates and then lower prices for individual locks... There is obviously a lot of work ahead of us!
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@julien51 great thoughts. And to clarify, I wasn't implying Brave was a failure, but instead a new entrant in this space.
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Hey, Julien from the Unlock team here. This is obviously a very first version of this product but we think it is important to get it out there to receive feedback early on ;) If you'd like to try it out on a "real" site, i have added a members page on my blog http://ouvre-boite.com/members/ All of the proceeds will be be donated to SHE256 (a non profit which works at increasing diversity in the blockchain world), and I'll personally double that ;)
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@julien51 This looks nice! Wouldn't it make sense to show users what they would be paying, and for what? Right now you're just letting them know that their wallet is not connected, but without knowing what they are supposed to pay (and for what), I don't think they will proceed further. What happens on the backend after the payment is done? Do you convert it to $DAI to maintain price stability?
Wow! Had a similar idea for quite a while and executed at a hackathon last weekend. I wrote a blog post about it: https://medium.com/@jigarkb/prem...
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Your platform requires a browser that has an Etherium wallet for publishers to access their dashboard. Hope that isn't a requirement for readers too.
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@patrick_udeh Thanks Patrick! This is v0... so yes it is fairly strict in requirements but we definitely are working on ways to open this open to anyone, using a crypto wallet or not.
I’m a Coil user myself. Seems very similar to unlock. Does this leverage Interledger at all? Great stuff!