Never Unlock your Mac again

Unlock intelligently locks and unlocks your Mac. Unlike others, it is incredibly reliable in day-to-day use and does not require pairing with your iOS device. And it is feature packed to make it as seamless as possible.


✅ Seamless

✅Smart lock

✅Proactive Locking

✅Video Playback Detection

✅Smart Battery Saving

✅Lazy Unlock

✅Guided Access

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Hey guys we are launching Unlock 😀. A Mac smart unlocking app that just works. Unlike other smart locks in the market, We bet you will be amazed by how reliable this can be. Unlock does not require to pair your iOS device, you simply have to place your device near your Mac. You can download it from Mac store right now. Here, some of the features included in Unlock that makes it the perfect companion for your Mac in day-to-day use: ✅ Seamless and Un-intrusive ✅Smart lock that works without glitches ✅Proactive Locking ✅Video Playback Detection ✅Smart Battery Saving ✅Lazy Unlock ✅Guided Access ✅Notification on iPhone when Mac gets locked ✅Check the status of Lock on iPhone ✅Lock and unlock remotely from iPhone Tell us what you think! 😀 Unlock intelligently locks and unlocks your Mac. Unlike others, it is incredibly reliable in day-to-day use. Setting it up is really easy, you just keep your iOS device near your Mac and click to select the device that pops up.
@pawan_dixit1 how are you different/compare from SAASPASS? Are you planning on an enterprise version or mainly targeting individual users? Thank you
@a12rj We have not used SAASPASS yet. We are mainly targeting individual users. We have experimented with some other proximity solutions, and came to conclusion that they are not so reliable. Unlock focuses on reliability and peace of mind while being very simple to use. So simple that you never have to manually use it once you install. We focus on use cases that really matter in day-to-day use making it seamless.
@pawan_dixit1 thank ks Pawan for the information. I shall definately try out unlock and let you know. I think this is an interesting space as more people become privacy and security conscious. The only thing is when the mass market will catch up or see the need (Equifax seems I distant past for most). Thanks again 🤟
@pawan_dixit1 This is basically like the builtin Mac OS solution for unlocking with the Apple Watch, but instead to allow unlocking with an iPhone?
@pwnedproton It's a little bit different than Apple Watch unlock. Unlock basically gives you peace of mind when you often forget to lock your Mac or close the lid to lock it. If you are using Unlock you are basically changing your routine to never having to lock or unlock your Mac and still be super confident about your privacy on Mac. While using Unlock you never see your Mac locked, while others find it locked.
Great job!! 😊 Any future of Windows app ? I’m curious and worried regarding the security of my Windows Laptop, hopefully there you can help if you launch unlock app?
@ayush_chandra Thank you 😊. We have not yet thought about bringing this on Windows. But we are considering to launch a windows version after your comment 🙂