Unleash Hosted

Manage feature roll-out. Reduce risk and increase speed.

Unleash gives you great overview of all feature toggles across all your applications. You decide who is exposed to which feature.
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Hi all, I have been building Unleash as open source over many years. I have gotten a few requests to provide it as a service, and now I finally made the move. I hope this will make it easier for more companies to take advantage of Unleash and simplify how they work with software. I also hope to get much closer to the users of Unleash, and use that insight to improve the product.
Will you do a Heroku addon? :) Would be awesome.
@anderssv Maybe in time. Currently we host on AWS and sense the nature of the service is that it syncs changes in the background it should not matter for your application, toggle evaluation is done on local state to make it super fast.

I love this tool


Best feature toggle system around


Not really any better alternative, as I see it