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#5 Product of the DayNovember 10, 2014
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I learn A LOT from reddit. Whether that's from AskScience, TIL, or some obscure subreddit I subscribe to. University of Reddit brings all that to you. And puts it in an easy to learn and manageable system. Definitely Check It Out!
@erikfinman Thanks for sharing Erik! UReddit is our experimental MOOC style system where anyone can teach about any subject (pending there is community interest). We've got about 114000 teachers and students, and you can find us on Github (
@thejournalizer Elliot, you sure are AMAZING! Thank you for making this! :-)
@erikfinman I'm just the guy keeping it going! It was all developed by Anastas.
p.s. take a look at the subreddit:
@johnnyquachy Thanks for your input!
@Jonnotie lol sorry about that. had something longer written but I couldn't delete it! So i just changed it to a sexy one word answer.
@johnnyquachy we are more savory than sweet. Perhaps even bacon flavored.
@thejournalizer @johnnyquachy and bacon is always delicious!
It's one of my favorite places to learn new things.