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The first universal app store for decentralized apps. Find apps on Ethereum, Blockstack, IPFS, Steem, EOS and more.

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This is incredibly cool. Excited to see how this grows in the coming years.
@nickabouzeid I couldn't agree more!! -- I think this has massive potential; @johnbeadle and team you guys did a great job on this :) We just submitted our ERC20 Relay dApp built on the 0x protocol and would love to support your project in any way we can. Our private beta starts next week if you're interested in giving some much needed feedback, you can sign up here https://dextroid.io :) <3 Thanks for building cool stuff!
Awesome roundup of the best Dapps out there. Great work from the Blockstack team
@chanfest22 Thanks, Chandan! We believe we're moving out of the infrastructure phase and about to enter the apps phase of decentralized internet. An app store is really important for discovery and wider user adoption.
53 out of the top 100 are built on Ethereum ...
@jordan_jackson 99% of the best quotes are on Twitter... who gets the credit?
@jordan_jackson Yep, Ethereum is a big ecosystem and it's great to include those apps! Things will become really interesting as Dapps start hitting 1M or more users, before that they're just ideas. North of 1M users is when the scalability issues of the underlying platform start to kick in and we expect to see a lot more traction in that category of apps (Ethereum currently cannot support this use case).
@muneeb first of all congrats on coming up with a dapp model where we use traditional cloud as it is and leverage public blockchain for verification purposes via hash of the file, can you enlighten why you picked bitcoin as underlying chain and why not ethereum? The reason being, sometimes we may want to push the actual data onto chain rather than the hash in which case ethereum can come in handy.

Blockstack is doing amazing things. Seeing this come together so well and surfacing the high quality dapps makes me very optimistic for this eco system.


Beautiful design, good communication of concepts


Sort by category and some quality or community rating would be nice

So if I am getting it right, Blockstack is the real-life Pied Piper aka The New Internet 🌐from HBO's Silicon Valley. And instead of Octopipers of Pipernet, Blocktack actually has 100's of Dapps 🤯
@kkkosariya I was about to make a Pied Piper joke...
@kkkosariya, In fact, their tagline is literally taken from HBO Silicon Valley. https://www.google.com/search?q=...
@kkkosariya @vikasr111 It's actually the other way around...