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Joshua MatisMaker@joshua_matis
Hi, everybody. Here is Universal Chat description: Universal – Chat with your online customers from your Telegram app Lots of the time, you don't know what's happening on your website. You can study analytics and try to guess the trends, but they don't allow you to really step in and convert the doubting visitors into real clients. This is what Universal does – it brings your website to your pocket so you can constantly monitor it, step in to convert visitors and respond to clients. Universal is a combination of live chat and real-time analytics. You don't need to wait until the end of the month to analyze the results – Universal will inform you right when it happens so you can immediately engage with your online visitors and convert them to customers. In brief: • Universal is based on Telegram, so you can use it from your mobile phone, desktop PC or the web. • Since it connects to your phone, it can always keep you up to date on what is happening on your site. • You will learn how your site performs in real-time, what parts visitors pay attention to most, and what is missed. • You can now make use of the opportunity, engage with the visitors while they are on your site and convert them to clients. • Get centralized control. Do all of these without leaving the Telegram Messenger app! Universal is based on Telegram. It uses chatbot technology but connects real operators to the customers. As such, you don't need to install any new apps, nor do you need to leave the messenger platform you are using anyway. Additionally, your mobile web users have an extra option to easily switch to their Facebook Messenger or Telegram Messenger apps and continue communication with you from there – a much easier and user-friendly approach than just relying on web services. Universal's live chat offers that personalized experience customers are seeking for. This solution can cut your expenses considerably as well as increase your sales: 1. Phone calls cost a lot more than chat services – both for you and your customers (not to mention that there must always be someone present to answer the phone, immediately) 2. You don't need a service center – Universal is on your phone so you can monitor your website in person, even from home! 3. You don't need to spend tons of money on advertising or developing a mobile app – with Universal, you will learn what you really need and spend wisely 4. You can earn your client's trust. When people know you are there, they are much more likely to buy from you. Universal requires no installation – it connects to your existing Telegram apps. If you already haven't done so, you can install Telegram and connect Universal to it once – and then enjoy the service from everywhere. All you need is to sign up, and Universal will give you an HTML widget code which you should paste in your site – much like the way you install Google Analytics. Every website can use the solution, but to simplify things we have also developed custom plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Opencart and nopCommerce – and more are on the way. We tried it on our own website first. The results were remarkable: 1. We generated 30 times more leads through Universal than the "Contact us" form – to an extent what we thought the "Contact us" page had bugs! It did not have any bugs – Universal was just outperforming it! 2. We managed to connect to clients and convert them to leads whom we would never have gotten to without this tech. 3. It really helped us develop a better understanding of our website. At times, we managed to catch bugs or non-existent pages with that, and we immediately engaged in solving them. It also helped us in supporting customers to find what they needed. 4. At several times we used the tool to support customers who needed help with our products and found the live chat the best and fastest option to contact us. Here is the "Universal" link: https://comelite.net/universal/ Please check it and let me know your thoughts.
Stephane Seroussi@stephane_seroussi · Sound producer, Sonacom
The promises sound amazing guys, can't wait to try this
David NikiMaker@davidniki02 · Operation Manager @Comelite IT Solutions
@stephane_seroussi thanks for the nice comment! Actually more features are on the way. We have setup a poll and you can vote for them here: https://form.responster.com/ROtgpp
Stephane Seroussi@stephane_seroussi · Sound producer, Sonacom
@davidniki02 Hey David, you are welcome I'll check these asap. Good luck
Mike Kosulin@mikekosulin
Hey, so nice, but needs custom text on buttons and etc:)
David NikiMaker@davidniki02 · Operation Manager @Comelite IT Solutions
@mikekosulin thanks for your suggestions! We did have plans for tranlsation support. I am adding your request to our list of features to add