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Influencer advertising simplified.

#4 Product of the DayOctober 15, 2017

Unity Influence simplifies advertising with social media influencers. Launch a campaign in under 4 minutes and our tech will take care of everything else. Searching, sourcing and hiring influencers, collecting and validating content, posting, analytics and reports. Influencer marketing on autopilot!

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How is it different from existing influencer marketing platforms ?
@iamsooraj Hey Sooraj, thanks for the question. The easiest way to describe it is we do everything for you. There's no need to search for influencers, negotiate with them or delays in launching a campaign. Aside from all of that, we also vet each influencer in our own database of 70K+ to check for things like fake following, city/geo, and interests/affinity. That means that the influencers you get matched with are effective, and we use paid ads to further amplify their content.
@patrick_ip Well, that you do everything part sound really cool! 😃
I'm starting a campaign here and the interface is way easier than competitors, but having some issues with "saving" the campaign. Great concept to have an all-inclusive platform.
@derek_devore Hey Derek, we're currently looking to make improvements on this one. If you need help recovering anything, just send me an e-mail at Patrick@unityinfluence.com
Heyo, nice to see this!
@gwyndbleidd Thanks Farid! Let us know if you get a chance to try it. It would be great to get your feedback.
UI is very good.Flat rate service is a good idea but the question is will all influencers will agree for $200 flat rate and how are you vetting influencers.?
@debasispanda We do try to make it as simple as possible. One of the things we noticed from interviewing brands is that they often selected influencers that were not a good fit (from a geographic or audience perspective), or even worse, had a ton of fake followers. Our AI eliminates those pain points. We wrote more info about how our AI system works here: http://bit.ly/2gkUdrh
First off, thank you Raz for hunting us. Let us know how we can return the favor. The influencer space is nothing new, but the products either require a lot of manual work or are expensive. At Unity, we allow businesses to be automatically matched with influencers, it starts at $200, and guarantees traffic. We eliminate all of the pain points for influencer marketing: sourcing, costs, and efficacy. No More Searching for Influencers: In our Alpha, our algorithm produced a 100% influencer approval rate for our users. Our process begins by having businesses answer a few simple questions about themselves and goals, then we accurately match them with the most relevant influencers. Starts at $200: Most platforms have a monthly fee of $500 or more just to use their platform. That’s just for the opportunity to use their directory of influencers, which still means you have to search. Guaranteed Traffic: Every post of high quality content is promoted with paid ads, meaning we can guarantee performance.