Unitive Interview

An effortless way to conduct structured job interviews

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Super excited to see our app hunted! I wrote a blog post here explaining how we came to build it, and walking through setting up your first interview. http://www.unitive.works/unitive... Hit me up if you have questions or feedback!
@rachelchalmers It's amazing to see it get launched!
@edblankenship Our team worked so hard on this! Thanks, Ed!
Hello ProductHunt! Interviewing someone for a job can be as painful for the interviewer as for the candidate. That’s why we launched our Unitive mobile interview app! Unitive streamlines interview questions, records candidates' answers, helps you take notes, and integrates with our fully-featured cloud-based hiring app to help you hire the best person.
There's such good science on how teams can be better with diversity. I wanted to share this because the app makes it easier to follow a fair and thorough hiring process, especially in cultures where interviewing takes up so much time!
@mjb_sf Thanks so much, Melinda. The wonderful thing about evidence-based best practices, including structured interviewing, is that they're proven to ensure that everyone gets the same opportunity to succeed.

I've used this when interviewing candidates because I don't like having my computer open. This makes it easy to do a really good interview, look prepared, score the candidate quickly, and be on your merry way.


Makes interviewing and scoring candidates easy. You can also review resumes on the go.


Have to use the desktop app to set up the interview