Make your meetings more efficient.

Uniteable is a tool to help you run more efficient meetings.

Take your existing calendar events, add a simple agenda, and then add notes in real-time with your attendees, which you can then send as tasks to Asana. With Uniteable you'll always have an archived meeting that records what was talked about and who is doing (or did) what.

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1 Review5.0/5
Pretty slick meeting/calendar app that integrates your agenda with @Asana and Google Calendar! Why didn't someone think of this before? #DUH
Hi everyone. This is my latest product, an attempt on helping people make their meetings more efficient. I'd love your feedback and you can be as brutally honest as you like. I want this to be more of a conversation as to how we can put an end to pointless meetings! Thanks for checking it out!
@stulogy nice work on this!
@richp_ thanks man!
Great work !! 😊 Super useful
I think this is fantastic, Stu. Asana integration is money. Great thinking all around.