Unite These Fuckers

Compare Conservative/Liberal articles on the same topics

This is a tool where you can get news from both Liberal and Conservative sources for the same topics

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Tacky title
I like the concept, but the name will prevent it from being taken seriously. Still, if presentation were improved I'd visit it regularly.
@teleclimber Thanks. Tell me about the presentation. Any specific pointers? Would love it
@anticlickwise I'm not a designer but here is what would do in the first section: - Vertical align each block to the top, so the publication names and article titles are aligned - Put some line-spacing in the titles (I had a hard time reading each title) - Change the color of the article titles. Pure blue is irritating when there is so much of it. - Use font sizes for visual hierarchy instead of that grey area HTH.
@teleclimber Thanks... will work on it

Love it!


Absolutely hilarious. Good source of info.


Missing a few conservative sources (NY Post, Washington Times).

Spotted a couple of typos here and there (Washinton Post).

This is a particularly good app for people living in fake news Trump era. Bravo!
i like the name. sums up how i feel. if it’s offensive, you have issues.