Unit Notes for iOS

A simple and powerful note-taking app.

Unit is a note-taking app that provides a new experience of creating, organizing and managing all your notes.
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    looks nice


    what the difference between you and notion?

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Hi Product Hunt 👋, My name is Nazir, I'm one of Unit makers. In 2016 my co-founder and I started to work, as a side project, on the app that should bring some new concepts and modern features into note-taking space, which didn't have much innovation in the last decades. Back in 2016, almost all the apps on the market were using the pretty old concept – a digital version of the classic typewriter. Today we see some new apps are trying to bring fresh ideas and change the status quo (and we love it), but it's all still in early-stage. From the beginning, the main thing we wanted to exhibit was the idea that today, when there is an enormous amount of information around us, note-taking software should be not only a document editor but also should give us the ability to easily collect together different types of data and effectively manage it. The concept that in our opinion should solve this problem can be described as a combination of traditional document editor and the file management system. This concept could be modified in the future, but it's definitely the one we would like to start with. We decided to deliver the mobile app first. There were several reasons for that. First, mobile devices already are the main place where people spend their time and need well-optimized mobile products. Second, mobile devices give some new inputs on what you can do with the content. And third, it's better to build the product for a small screen and move it after to the bigger ones, rather than vice versa. In 2018 we've finally opened the app for beta-testers and a couple of months ago published it in the App Store. Today we're very excited to share it with Product Hunt community! Here’s a quick rundown of how it works: Everything in Unit is consist of independent content blocks, which we call 'elements'. Text, list item, to-do item, image, file, etc., all of them are separate elements. You can organize them however you want (even in hierarchical structures), easily arrange using gestures, set different properties for each element and more. 🗓 We have a lot of plans - e.g. add new types of elements (audio, maps, video, code, etc.), release apps for other popular platforms, make integrations with third-party services and more. You can always visit our public product roadmap and check what we're working on. ✍️ But before move ahead, we're really looking forward to your feedback. It's very important for us. Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions. We would be happy to answer. 🎁 Bonus: We have an offer specially for PH users. For everyone who will send us any feedback about the app (it could be really short) by emailing support@unit.ms or messaging us through our in-app chat and add a secret set of emojis '😺✍️🎁' into the text, we'll give a special bonus - additional 500 elements and 1GB of storage. Thank you for your attention, feedback and up-votes.
Hey Nazir? What the main use case for your app? How is ше better than Bear + Google Calendar?
@aleksei_tsishevski Hi Alexey, Thanks for your question. I would just say that we have a pretty different approach for content organization and management. Bear is a good app, but it's mostly for writing purposing. In Unit we have fewer writing/text features (but we'll add some of them soon) and more focused on the way people collect and organize data together, no matter what kind of data it is. We want to make Unit one place for all types of content you want to save - texts, lists, to-dos, web links, photos, videos, addresses, etc. And more important we want to make Unit a place where all these different stuff could be effectively organized. Regarding "Calendar", we don't have any Calendar-related features and focusing on note-taking related ones. But in the nearest future, we want to improve our To-do functionality and give the ability to integrate with Calendar apps. I hope, I've answered your question. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.
Congrats @dashtiev Definitely gonna check it out!
@eulerr Thank you, Denis! Let me know if anything.
Hello, This looks great. I've messaged you guys via the app’s messaging feature so that I can get the additional 500 elements additional 1GB. When will I see them? Good luck with the launch!
@haitianwatcher Thank you! Just answered your message via in-app chat. You will get additional elements and storage as soon as possible, once we finish our PH campaign :)
FYI - Sorry, but service is not available at the moment. Our engineering team is already notified and working on this problem. Getting that when trying to register
@mickc79 Sorry for that. It's strange. Just checked new account registration and looks like everything is ok. Is it only for "Sign up with email"? Or Google and Facebook also have this problem?
@mickc79 We've just found that the problem was on Google's reCaptcha side. For some reason there was a timeout on their side. Can you try one more time? It should work.