Easily design custom fonts in a few steps


Save time and make smarter font choices! Simply select, customize and off you go with a font you love.

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  • Max
    MaxJS Developer

    Easy to use, sensible presets, very good price


    Not very customizable as it only has a few presets

    This reminds me of website templates from Themeforest. You can make a lot of stuff with them and it can be really good, but you can only do so much.

    The product and it's idea are truly great but if it explodes we'll see these fonts everywhere :D

    If the team keeps adding new presets regularly though, this is 146% great tool I would highly recommend.

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  • Diana Smith
    Diana SmithInventor, Business Developer -@simpleseo

    Would be fun, you can make it match your logo were seen you could use it to bested and a snippet


    The more things are ready to go the better. There's so much stuff to do when designing websites or doing seo,and marketing it, hour

    I personally, could easily see myself spending hours doing it. That's my MO. As soon as I saw it today I wanted to play with it. Icer for us more choices in science but also mixed with themes that you could show these two types of fonts go with this kind of theme and you can change the color for someone like me that would work very well this is too much

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  • Pros: 

    easy to use


    no enough choice in the customisation

    Very useful

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  • Pros: 

    Very easy to use and very cheap. Congrat's for this product.


    is it possible to add some choice to personalize at the end of the process?

    I recommend

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  • Hriddhi Dey
    Hriddhi DeySoftware Engineer, Myntra

    Intuitive interface, good tips, recommendations, and a clearly visible result of the choices makes it easy to customize fonts to your needs.


    Would love to see some support for kerning/char spacing/VA etc in the future.

    Love the idea, and the simplicity with which a fairly tricky challenge has been approached. Looking forward to more.

    Hriddhi Dey has used this product for one day.