Pre-designed UNIQCUBE

Bring a touch of uniqueness to your room with UNIQCUBE!

UNIQCUBE is not a boring lamp, just the opposite – each of our light cubes has a colorful, unique, and inspiring story to tell. Also, the cube is designed to be playful and lightweight so that you can easily carry it around the room or poke it without worrying of damaging it as it is not fragile.

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I own the "know your stars" ⭐️uniqcube and it's absolutely stunning. I keep it on the bar that separates my kitchen from my living room. "Uniqcube light cube collection ‘Inspired by nature’ consists of 3 different light cubes each of them capturing a part of the natural world. As more and more people live in urban locations they feel disconnected from the natural world; the new light cube collection is designed to change this bringing some nature spirit to your home."
@nikkielizdemere Thanks again for the wonderful words :) I have just asked Product Hunt team to add me as a maker :)