Uniot is a platform for integrating custom IoT solutions

Uniot is an IoT platform that connects creators, people who create great devices, and enjoyers who want to leverage the great variety of devices. Uniot provides flexible ecosystem and powerful tools for creating an accessible Internet of Things for everyone.
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Hey Product Hunters! 🖐 I'm Vladyslav Makarian, co-founder of Uniot. Hardware design and creation is my passion, as well as a professional skill, for almost 10 years already. Having that time I worked on a big amount of both concepts and usage-ready devices. That would be good if all them were able to communicate with each other. But they aren't. I am aware of such problems from other DIY-developers as well. Each of us has a lot of genius ideas that are not really alive due to the complexity of integrating such an IoT solution to everyday life. Each huge corporative vendor cares about its own product: they create their own application, provide their own cloud services, develop their own unique devices. The market is flooded with devices from such vendors already. Yet how people should manage that all incompatible variety of devices to create a convenient suitable system for their home or to optimize some processes at the manufacture? Summing up, we can see that nowadays there are a lot of great individual hardware creators, though the world is not aware of them. There are a lot of people who are excited to dive into the world of IoT. Uniot is here to bridge the gap between device creators and IoT-enthusiasts. We provide a unique platform where two categories of users exist: - Creators: either individuals or company who would like to spread their devices across enthusiasts - Enjoyers: anyone who wants to feel the real IoT-world and select from a great variety of devices available right for them. Uniot makes the interconnection of devices from different creators and brands available, allowing them to communicate with each other in multi-agent-network. Enjoyers can leverage Uniot Marketplace to select any device and scenario that fits their needs and tune everything in a matter of seconds, thanks to Uniot Core - a high-optimized OS that provides its own virtual machine, allowing to execute safely and blazingly fast any script right on the device 🚀 Any script can be modified or created using built-in visual scenario editor. You can emulate your scenarios right in the browser and upload wirelessly to your device without reflashing by a single click. IoT has never been that friendly before. Everything from I/O to Scenarios interpretation is orchestrated by Uniot OS. So you should never worry about anything but your device's scripts. Uniot start would not be possible without like-minded friends who supported, shared and complemented the idea, becoming Uniot Team! So, our main goal here is to create strong and friendly community to broaden the IoT usage across people from the whole world. I really appreciate your feedback and thoughts 💙 Cheers, Vladyslav Makarian.
Soooooo cooooool 🔥🔥🔥
I can't believe it!!!!! awesome!!
Sound like a good and useful idea. Good luck with that!
@weaselfsk Thanks! Stay tuned and take part in beta testing soon :)