Union Apartment

Home away from home for international students.

Union Apartment provides furnished co-living apartments for international students in the US. Currently operating 150 units, Union Apartment unifies and help people from the same background to create a little bit of their country in our buildings.
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Ellson Chen
Union Apartment
Hi Product Hunt, My name is Ellson and I am one of the Co-founders of the Union Apartment! All three of us founders were international students who came to US alone. Finding a decent apartment and setting it up is already a difficult process. Now imagine being not fluent in English, not familiar with the country and having no friends. After you finally settled in, you will start to feel lonely and uncomfortable, thats why in most campuses you can see a lot of Chinese/ Korean/ Indian... etc international students walking together. Hanging out with people of the same background gives you the comfort zone you need when you are facing a new environment. We've been through that and decided that we wanted to make something catered towards this niche market. We looked back and located all the touch points that made finding an apartment a pain in the a** and took care of them for our tenants. No more going to furniture shops, opening up utility accounts and finding roommates, we got all that taken care of. But wait, there's more. We put heavy emphasis on our community and I'm not just saying that for PR. We know each one of our tenants by name, they share their ups and downs with us and their parents believe in us. We host weekly events like karaoke, clubbing and movie nights. The tenants also have a tenant HOA to decide on community rules. In the end the whole experience is to make you feel like you can call Union Apartment home.
Debbi DiMaggioRealtor, Author, Speaker

I highly recommend Ellson Chen and Union Apartment


Ellson and Team truly does what they say. They have truly created a community with all the bells and whistles.


I think they have nailed it!