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"Have you always wondered if you could reach out to those users after they have uninstalled to hear directly from them? Or reach out to them to win them back. Get them to re-install your app again? Do not worry anymore, we will provide you a channel to reach out to those users and win them back." If I've uninstalled your app, I don't want to hear back from you. It means your app has failed to meet my needs. Most likely because you're using up to much of my phone's resources, or demanding too much attention with notifications. Buggering me after I've uninstalled won't bring me back. It will just give an incentive leave a bad rating as well.
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I agree with what @dkapuchino has to say. It's a bit of a catch-22; I want to know why people uninstalled my app but they already said they don't want to hear from me anymore (because they uninstalled my app). If this is going to use a prediction engine to determine who will uninstall (future prediction) as opposed to who did uninstall (past analysis), then I can see value in that. I don't want to be like the last image on their site, yelling at people thru a bullhorn.
@fbara @dkapuchino Guys I agree on this - would love to get the date but on the other hand if they uninstall - they might not be our users (never or yet) & maybe the app was not up to the standard they were used to or were just wondering around. Again, we would love those data, but that feedback could come also through other channels. Instead of forcing to re-install - would rather love to improve the experience or better the value for the new users - thus they will not uninstall.
@dkapuchino Agreed. What we are trying to help mobile apps do is - to try and reach out to users who may not have been happy with the app experience for various reasons. They can use this opportunity to understand the issue and correct it from happening in future and thereby try and win you back (not by bugging you again over and over again)
@fbara @dkapuchino We actually have a prediction engine built in as well. Early days for us and would love feedback from the community to improve and evolve. thanks.
@priteshvora @dkapuchino Hi there, I was wondering if it works with iOS apps... I couldn't find it on the site. Cheers
that data is gold because it is a total blackbox. Only Apple and Google own it and never share it with developers (which is really wrong when you think about it) The question is the following: how do Uninstall.io manages to get it in a reliable way other than by pure sampling? specially on iOS where it is not possible to really measure it
@ourielohayon True that, it sure is Gold. Our SDK and a modified messaging technique is what we use to identify uninstalls in reliable and accurate way. It is not based on sampling. Its is fully compliant with all developer policies. Thanks for the feedback.
@priteshvora @ourielohayon i see how you can do that reliably on android. many ad networks already do it. but i see no way you can do that accurately on iOS except by approximating URL scheme calls which may not even be enough
@ourielohayon True that. I can't see how Apple would ever let it happen.
@ourielohayon @ankscricholic All I would say is give us a chance and try it out to see the results for yourself. The results are transparent and very easy to validate. Look forward.
@ourielohayon @priteshvora the solution is based on the APNs and the answer you get when you try to send a push to a device that cannot receive the push anymore • https://leftshift.io/mobile-trac...
As someone who test out a lot of apps, I hope this gets used to auto unsubscribe me from the corresponding email list as well.
It empowers mobile apps to understand the reasons for high uninstalls, Reduce uninstall rate, Optimize app marketing spends from Day 1 and enable efficient re-targeting post uninstalls.
@neerajt4 Thanks Neeraj for putting it here. appreciate it.
@priteshvora All the best! :)
In addition @priteshvora - love the categories on your blog: The Pushy One, The Naughty One, The Buggy One, The Puzzle One, The Liar & The Innocent One ;-)
@mskakala Thanks Martin :).