People blink. Smiles fade. Create group pics everyone likes.

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Unify lets you combine the best parts of your Apple Live Photos to create group pics that don't exist.
Combine the best frames to create group pics where everyone looks good.
Try free on the iOS App Store.
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Oooeeeh this is very good 👏👏👏
Very interesting!
Brilliant, long overdue.
So we s this app free or free for 1 week and .99 a week thereafter? Please confirm.
@haitianwatcher Hi James, It's free to download to see how the app works (so people aren't paying or subscribing to an app they may be unsure of). Though if they want to save or share photos created with Unify (which I would assume/hope people would!), it's $0.99/month (with the first free week). Have any thoughts on that?
@haitianwatcher I just updated the app model to Freemium in app version 1.4.0. Users now get 3 free Unified images per month (limits subject to change). No subscription necessary. No ads (at least no ads for now, though I really don't want to support this app with ads). Subscribers can create unlimited Unified images for $1.99 a month. First week of subscription is free for new subscribers.
@iamelliott So I purchased the app prior to your changes. So does that mean I am exempt from a monthly subscription since I made the purchase prior to your change?
@haitianwatcher I'll DM you. Thanks for the support! :-)