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This could well be a game-changer for mobile usability testing. Are we finally going to be rid of laptop hugging??
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@alirtariq lol love these photos!
@alirtariq Before laptop hugging, back in the days of Jamdat mobile, they used an expensive camera/projector device called an "Elmo" projector. These things ran $1200 - -$2000 apiece. Thankfully, technology caught up to the need!
@geoffabrown @alirtariq just Google Image'd Elmo projectors and I had a nasty rush of memories of my accounting classes. Shudder.
Hey All I'm part of the team (http://lookback.io) behind Unicorns. We're super happy to release and be on Product Hunt! To give some context... Unicorns was started as an internal experiment, we fell in love with how useful it has become and decided that we would love to see how this gets used out in the wild. It's a first version and early stages, we will be iterating as we progress but would love to get any feedback / questions. BTW here's an example user stream from earlier... https://unicorns.io/stream/99409...
@neiltak I have been wanting exactly this app for ages! Fantastic execution and great branding :-) Did you consider making it a paid app?
@hamey @neiltak hi Ben, thats great to hear - thank you very much. We haven't thought too far ahead to be honest, we limited the features also as we don't want to dictate how people use it at this stage. Very excited to see what people do with it.
@neiltak Awesome! Good approach.
@neiltak this is so useful. I used to stream my 2nd phones screen through meerkat/periscope. Those silly days are gone with this baby👻😍
Found out about this through @ow thanks again!!
Hey this is really fun! A few kinks to iron out, but people really enjoyed watching me play TwoDots ;)
@ow Absolutely this is definitely a version 1 release, we have much to do and so many ideas but we were really tough on the features we put in. Kind of want to see how people use this also. Watched your stream, thanks that was amazing to see!
I've been beta testing Unicorns for the last few weeks and it's been fantastic at solving how we communicate bugs and issues with our iOS app across a distributed development team. I can now live stream my phone screen to @pakmee who can see bugs happen and replicate easily. But beyond this it's exciting to thing about the possibilities of the tech, live streaming games and more. Definitely recommend trying it out, the team behind it is super talented too!
@mutlu82 thanks so much Murat!
Fake demo is priceless, it got me. Well done.
@virtualgoodz haha thanks Simon, we need to make some more of these!