Live stream your iPhone screen

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Mai-Li Hammargren
What do you think of deejaying as a use case? Check out this stream: https://unicorns.io/stream/10030...


Ali R. Tariq
@alirtariq · Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
This could well be a game-changer for mobile usability testing. Are we finally going to be rid of laptop hugging?? http://unmatchedstyle.com/wp-con...
Hey All I'm part of the team (http://lookback.io) behind Unicorns. We're super happy to release and be on Product Hunt! To give some context... Unicorns was started as an internal experiment, we fell in love with how useful it has become and decided that we would love to see how this gets used out in the wild. It's a first version and early stages, we w… See more
Murat Mutlu
@mutlu82 · Co-Founder, Marvelapp
I've been beta testing Unicorns for the last few weeks and it's been fantastic at solving how we communicate bugs and issues with our iOS app across a distributed development team. I can now live stream my phone screen to @pakmee who can see bugs happen and replicate easily. But beyond this it's exciting to thing about the possibilities of the tech, live … See more
Owen Williams
@ow · Digital Director at VanMoof
Hey this is really fun! A few kinks to iron out, but people really enjoyed watching me play TwoDots ;)
Simon Dawlat
@virtualgoodz · CEO, Batch.com
Fake demo is priceless, it got me. Well done.