Unicorn Rides

Electric scooters designed by Tile founder

Unicorn is an electric scooter built for tech commuters. Magical Unlock, In-App Sharing, and Tile Integration make Unicorn really easy to integrate into your life. UnicornCare keeps riders on the road without having to worry about maintenance or theft.
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Hey guys! Really excited to be launching Unicorn (www.unicornrides.com) today with @thomas_garrison! We've put a lot of the Tile mentality into an electric scooter. We have only added features that increase usability and ease of use and help the user accomplish their goals, getting to where they are going quickly and without hassle. We are hyper focused on each second of your commute. ie... Owning your scooter means 0s finding a scooter, Magical Unlock means 0s spent using the app, Magical Lock means 0s securing your scooter, Simple physical lock means ~5s locking if you choose, etc. Our goal is, door-to-desk, to be the fastest way to get somewhere within 1 mile, and I think we accomplished that with our very first product! Let us know if you have any questions!
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Hi Nick, are you also a disc jockey named Khaled? Because "Another one".
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@thenickevans Thank you for making Tile btw, I have 4 actives ones right now. It's also my go-to holiday/Misc gift.
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@armand πŸ˜‰Always love hearing that!
I was born to ride one of those! Congratz @thenickevans πŸ”₯
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Have you considered a subscription option? Example: $30 down, $20 per month (for 2 years, and "free" upgrades to new models thereafter). This could be packaged with insurance, like $100 stolen replacements. IMO this would be ideal for NYC where e-scooters sharing companies are banned, but it's kindasorta not enforced at the owner level. Maybe like the Nuraphone.com model.
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@armand Yes, we had considered that and may try that in the future to expand the market to people who want to rent! The Nuraphone model is really cool. Thanks for sending.
I like all the little upgrades made to the Ninebot you have here! What will be the price for the scooter and UnicornCare after the introductory pricing is over?
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@alexabdo1 It says it on the site: Early bird is $549 for scooter and $99 for Unicorn Care. After that, it's $700 for scooter and $360 for unicorn care. So during pre-order, you're supposedly saving $412.
@trevin awesome, thanks! They must have added more info since I originally checked
@alexabdo1 Hey Alex! Thank you! It was fun building this out because we just built all the features that we wanted into the scooter. There wasn't a reason to rebuild the whole scooter since the Segway is already really great! Retail price is $699 and UnicornCare is $29.99 per month.