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If a startup cant do a pitch deck themselves, what message does that give? There is so much information out there, startups need to put in the work to dig in and figure out what is good vs bad. Get peoples opinion in the field (investors, advisors etc) - tailor it for your audience (VCs, Angels). Everyone is different. There is no quick fix for this. but this could help with a start. Perhaps pricing premium pitch templates would be a better way to package this? I think something like Good Email Copy but for pitch decks would be awesome. Any takers?
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@bentossell I've never used a service but I've had friends that are great at design help with decks. If you have spent time telling the story and have the information, you don't want a founder spending hours trying to make it look pretty. That is time that can be spent pushing the business forward. However, people prefer well designed decks so you need to do it. If you have a 10 page deck that helps you raise 2MM then the $290 you spent on slides isn't a terrible ROI.
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@bentossell Would also love templates :). Similar to Invision's templates.
@bentossell I agree it's a good starting point. To be honest though if product doesn't stand on its own, a nice pitch deck should hopefully not be able to save it.
@zreitano ha I suppose, but you could also say that if you did it yourself $0 for 2MM raise is better ;)
@bentossell Great point! Truthfully, it would depend on how long it takes me, what type of time constraint I'm under, and how ugly the deck started. I know a lot of YC founders use similar services for Demo day because its not worth fiddling with slides/pixels that week.
i know many startups need something like that. At 29 EU the slide though i think it is a little over priced
After we just dropped a whole lot more than 29 euros on having a designer make us a nice deck, I'm absolutely saving this to try out next time.
@katie_weiler great point! everyone's concerns about content is valid, but the design is a bitch if it's not your core competency. The price is a steal to save my time. Plus i don't need them to do every slide. just do a few, and i can probably handle the rest.
U have to be a pretty unicorny unicorn to pay $29/slide...
how many unicorns are provided on a per pitch basis? will there be a follow through cockroach offering?