Organic fundraising discovery, connecting angels & founders

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Artur FrumanDo you scrape your tongue?
Aside from being a great product your name and branding is epic. Well done <3
@arturfruman Thanks, Artur! We put a very heavy emphasis on branding, design, and usability. Glad you're enjoying it.
I have met two heavy hitter investors off Unicorn with @snapsuits -- I definitely recommend this app for entrepreneurs, as they take no fees!
Thanks, Jeff! We are trying to add more engagement to the world of early-stage start-up fundraising. Unicorn recycles the very same dynamics found at live networking events, but uses data to make the process more seamless and transparent.
Jeff Umbro
CEO of The podglomerate
From the website: Unicorn streamlines the first and most critical pain-point of the fundraising process, discovery. The rules are simple; early-stage founders record a 15-second pitch and angel investors spotlight their top-3 portfolio companies. Similar to online-dating apps, you "swipe" to connect. Easy on the trigger, however, as Unicorn caps swipes per every 24-hour window. If mutual interest exists, Unicorn facilities the introduction and prompts the founder to send a "warm" e-mail.
Thomas MatznerCOO, Pruv Vodka
Extremely easy to use, beautiful UI/UX. I've been using the app for a couple weeks now and it's one of the few, new ways you can get a warm intro to an investor.
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