Open beer/wine with this unicorn bottle opener

Celebrate the launch of your unicorn with this unicorn! Whosoever holds the Unicork in their hands shall have the power to amuse and delight while unlocking magical elixirs, be they sealed by cork or bottle cap. It's the perfect gift for unicorn lovers and dreamers!

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The Unicork Premium Unicorn Bottle Opener & Corkscrew is made of solid metal and weighs in at a robust 1.2 pounds. Unlike most other unicorn bottle openers the Unicork is a full bodied prancing unicorn whose shape forms a much larger handle (than the alternative disembodied unicorn heads) for better gripping. The golden horn is screwed in with aircraft-grade adhesive to ensure durability in opening wine bottles and the front two hooves are used to pry off bottle caps. The Unicork will stand upright on its own as a unique decorative item and has all the colors of the rainbow which for a unicorn is, of course, very important! This is a fun decorative item that is quality made and functional. It comes in a sturdy gift box which makes it the ideal gift item for people who love unicorns or enjoy unique novelties that can be shown off at parties.
I finally know what I've been missing my entire life
Just a fun little gift item. Got the idea while pondering something simple and amusing that could be manufactured easily enough by a one man show like me. Thanks for posting it @nikkielizdemere !
I saw this product at awesomestufftubuy.com and gadkit.com its very good I will buy one.
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