Unicalendar 2018

An Emoji-Inspired Letterpress Calendar

The Unicalendar is a luxuriously printed single-page letterpress calendar and foil sticker pack inspired by worldly celebrations and exotic emoji. It is designed to display an entire year at a glance, substituting bold iconography for popular holidays and unusual events.

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Eric Nakagawa
Eric Nakagawa@ericnakagawa1
I'm a big fan of Josh's iconography work! I have backed another of his sticker projects. The designs are always clean, thoughtful, and professionally done. This new project got my backing instantly!
Josh Williams
Josh WilliamsMaker@jw · Brand + Product Designer
@ericnakagawa Thanks Eric! You know I like the stickers. 😜
Nice conceptual piece that's also practical, well-executed.
Josh Williams
Josh WilliamsMaker@jw · Brand + Product Designer
@teleject 😘 appreciate the kind words sir
Josh Williams
Josh WilliamsMaker@jw · Brand + Product Designer
🤗 Thank y'all for hunting this. The Unicalendar has been an 8-month labor of love for me that began as a gift for a few friends. Their feedback inspired me to expand the concept, add stickers to the print, and make it available as a beautiful and customizable calendar. The Unicalendar features 56 emoji-inspired holiday icons letterpressed on really nice, thick, fluorescent white paper, and along with a split fountain gradient 🌈 plate that will blow your mind. On top of that, it included 80 double foil (hologram✨ & black⚫️) emoji stickers so you can tweak out your calendar the way you like. And you're going to get to help me determine which emoji go into the final pack. Check out the video after you click through for all the details, and let me know if you have any questions. I'll be hanging around! 🙌
Andrew Mason
Andrew Mason@andrewmason · CEO Descript, former Detour / Groupon
I'm a happy owner of the 2017 calendar - can't wait to get the update!