Curated marketplace for buying & selling men's home goods

The curated marketplace for buying & selling men's designer home goods. Outfit your home to match your style.

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Yo Product Hunt! I'm obsessed with fashion, home/interior design, art, and what some would call "toys" (KAWS, Bearbrick, Superplastic, etc). These are my hobbies, so I spend an enormous amount of time researching them, then also on on marketplaces like Grailed (which focuses on men's designer fashion) and eBay to find the latest and sought after pieces. When it comes to designer home goods though, I found that there was not a place to buy & sell with other guys that are also as obsessive as I am and looking for dope pieces or statement furniture pieces to outfit our home or apartment to be reflective of our style (like we dress). I created Uni not just because I thought there needs to be a curated marketplace for this, but also because I think there is a trend for men to become more interested in designer fashion (through the gateway of shoes and collabs), then taking this into their home or apartment. After all, our living space should be a reflection and expression of our individuality, style, and taste. Hopefully Uni can help with this. I built this in about an hour, so it's a very basic marketplace MVP right now. I'm going to focus on building the community first, then building out more marketplace features as needed. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback!
I think the cooler part is that you built it so quickly.
@nurijanian thanks! I'll try to make a vid on the build/setup.
Congrats on the launch! Very cool selection
@juannikin thanks dude!
@mlifschitz32 thanks, glad you dig it!