How to break free of your phone obsession

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A bit of the back story about this book. I am a product guy and have built many apps, so I love my phone. However, the pendulum is swinging further towards an unhealthy obsession with our phones. We have become dependent and hooked on these devices. This obsession has real consequences and a negative impact on our relationships, our stress and anxiety levels, our mental freedom, happiness, creativity, ability to concentrate and our physical safety. I started writing this book about a year ago and put it on the back burner until Christmas 2015 when I saw on the local news here in San Diego that a 33 year old man was looking down at his phone and walked off a cliff and plunged 60 feet to his death on Christmas Day. Sad. Tragic. Heartbreaking. Disturbing. I instantly knew that I had to finish this book and find a way to help people with this phone obsession that was impacting their lives in a negative way. Many people can’t seem to find a healthy balance when using their smartphones. They have permeated every aspect of life and have rapidly taken over our lives. A technology that is supposed to be helpful and make life more efficient is trapping some people to the point of ruling their lives. I welcome any feedback and thoughts from the PH community.
@rumford There's an excellent documentary - Screenagers - that aligns with your work. Would be fantastic to have you both team up to turn the tide! Kudos.
Great read, perfect length :) Some of the statistics are pretty shocking but very valid for all audiences. 🔑 takeaways for all readers, whether marketer, developer or app addict.. #EpicContent 🔥🔥🔥
@jaronrayhinds Glad you liked it and thanks for the positive comments. I tried to keep it relatively short and actionable @ 85 pages. :)