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Is it re-attachable once removed?
@maxwellhallel I just got the popsocket and the fact that it's re-attachable has been a nice plus
@andrewett @maxwellhallel Link to popsocket? Does it work on TPU cases?
@maxwellhallel sorry, no. The product is so small that reattachable tapes wont provide enough strength.
@bentossell Similar in function... different in experience.
Kindle & e-reader users may be a market for this as well. I love using my popsocket + kindle to read while laying on my side in bed.
@elusivepeanut yes! We have some users who use Ungrip on their Kindle and tablets.
@johann_p Any chance of getting these developed to work with TPU cases?
@brianjking if the TPU is non slip and grippy, it will stick to it.
Awesome idea. I have one also: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Please feel free to check it.