Ungrabbed emails you brandable domains by surprise.

Name your startup, side project, app idea, and more ✌︎

- Domains that look and sound good, priced way below market value

- No more messing with auctions, sketchy sellers, or escrow

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m constantly searching for domains. It’s an addiction 😅. Thought I’d share some of the better ones I come across. Maybe it'll help you name something or trigger an idea to build something. I hope the community can get some use out of this! Sasan P.S. Thanks for posting this @nyjetlife
This is great! Now I just need to build a thing for the domain 😄
@johnstew Thanks, John! Hey, sometimes that's the direction it goes! I started my last ecommerce site because of a cool domain I found. Built a product around the name, it got some good press, and I ended up selling it a few months back.
@johnstew @sasanaghdasi what was that name/store?
@johnstew @laurens_laudowicz Hey Laurens! Just sent you a PM!
We can only hope the domain squatters don't find this
I hunted this product when I found it on Reddit. There’s some awesome domain ideas I’ve already found. The makers (I’ve talked to them on Reddit) seem committed to enhancing the project. Good luck, team!
@nyjetlife Really appreciate it!
"Posted by surprise." Love it!
@frantzlight Thanks, Chris! Love Press Kite!