Parental control & screen time manager for kids

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Hey hunters, I’m Alon Shwartz the CEO and co-founder of unGlue. unGlue is a solution for your kid’s screen time addiction (and yours). Huge thanks @gabriel__lewis for hunting us! Let’s face it, too much screen time is a problem all of us face, especially our kids. What is unique about unGlue is that we give kids the power to manage their own time - within their parents time boundaries. We let kids earn time by doing chores, save their unused Internet time to their Time Bank and use it when they want. It’s not about parental control. It’s about us teaching them to manage their own time. We decided to build unGlue because we are parents and just got tired of feeling helpless about what and how much content our kids consume online. Social media, videos, and games are awesome, we love it and need it, but we need to have a better way to manage our time. In short, we need to unGlue. Give it a try and see how your kids respond. Remember, unGlue is a solution for your kids as much as it’s for you – talk with them and ask their opinion. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and happy to answer any question! Happy unGluing Alon Shwartz
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@alonshwartz @gabriel__lewis thanks for building this. my kids are young but I see this looming already as a huge problem, and I'm excited to see you go after it!
@alonshwartz hey Alon, very good idea but not available on the french Appstore :/
@hubertmichaux Our goal is help kids and parents all over the world and will release unGlue in additional countries in the near future. This is clearly not just an American problem. Help is coming
@alonshwartz ok, my kid is glued right now. HELP !
Will look forward to checking it out when Android parent app comes out.
@zefareu Android parents app is coming out at the end of the month
This is much needed product and +1 that adults could benefit as well. Are you able to manage screen time limits for native apps in addition to browser-based consumption? If so, does this require any custom certificate provisioning on the device?
@haciendaneff unGlue can manage ALL devices at home on WiFi like computers, game console, kindle, etc as well as hand-held devices like smartphones and tablets. As for native apps, unGlue works on a network level so we can monitor and block any native app like FB, TW, IG, Snapchat, etc. On iOS it will require a Profile certificate, for Android you simply need to install the Kids App
Great idea, extremely useful for teaching time management skills to teens.
It's made/marketed for parents, but I've even used this to control my own entertainment time on the internet and it's increased my productivity tremendously.