Parental control & screen time manager for kids

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Alon Shwartz
Hey hunters, I’m Alon Shwartz the CEO and co-founder of unGlue. unGlue is a solution for your kid’s screen time addiction (and yours). Huge thanks @gabriel__lewis for hunting us! Let’s face it, too much screen time is a problem all of us face, especially our kids. What is unique about unGlue is that we give kids the power to manage their own time - within … See more
[deleted user]
Will look forward to checking it out when Android parent app comes out.
Adam Neff
@haciendaneff · CEO @ Ledge
This is much needed product and +1 that adults could benefit as well. Are you able to manage screen time limits for native apps in addition to browser-based consumption? If so, does this require any custom certificate provisioning on the device?
Stefan P Thom
@mr_shtefy · Alpha Lion Holdings, Operations Manager
Great idea, extremely useful for teaching time management skills to teens.
Eric Pakravan
@epakravan · Associate, Amplify.LA
It's made/marketed for parents, but I've even used this to control my own entertainment time on the internet and it's increased my productivity tremendously.