Just a very simple personal bookmarking with reminders.

unforget lets you bookmark pages, locations (on mobile) and take notes. The best of all, it will then remind you periodically about your items. It's like a newsletter with things that you actually care about. You get to configure the reminders or turn them off. It works on iOS and browsers as well as a Chrome extension.

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Planning an Android app?
@idahole_dot_com Hi Dag! Yes, definitely in the plans.
Hi All, We just released a major upgrade. You can now share your bookmarks, notes and locations with other people. It's private. You choose what and who you share with.
There is a new update for iOS. You can now share and bookmark your photos, and access them online.
Check out the new shuffle thing...
If you have a web site or blog, you can now push notifications to people who bookmarked it!