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Read insights and practical opinions from a community inspiring professional communicators. Our mission is to help organisations future-proof themselves, while regaining trust with their audience. Unfold with us.
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Love the design of this! Grats on the launch @stefan_fountain
@anderson760 Thanks Joe! Appreciate the love, that's all due to the brilliant eye of @paddy_mckee!
Hi PH - super proud of launching here today. The nature of our work at pr.co (providing PR software to comms teams), means we spend most of our days chatting to inspiring communicators from the world’s leading brands. Over time we’ve learned not only that there is a wealth of knowledge that is unique to every PR/comms team but also they all long for and benefit from professional community. One of the benefits of technology is that it can help us create this community. On the flip side, so much technological change is on our collective doorsteps that the future can seem uncertain. How to we build trust with our audience when the rate of change is so fast? We started Unfold in order to future-proof ourselves as an industry through professional knowledge sharing and community building. By simplifying complex issues we can keep on top of change and adapt, rebuild trust with our audience, and get better at our jobs together. Yes, we started Unfold but we don't want to be possesive about it and our desire is that it provides a broad perspective on what's happening in our industry. So if you're in public relations, communications or other brand building please reach out and we'd love to have you get involved in this inititiative.
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