New York-based designer Khoi Vinh, former Art Director at The New York Times and current Principle Designer at Adobe, wanted to create a notebook filled with visual prompts. We collaborated to transform a Confidant into an inspirational companion.

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Co-Founder Adam here. We created an interactive analog notebook along with Khoi Vinh! Each page inside the notebook has an image that is essentially unfinished. It might be a car with its wheels missing or a figure with no head. The idea is that it's printed in this light blue ink so that you can easily ignore it if you like. It was alot of fun to make with Khoi. Appreciate all the support of the Product Hunt community and hope you all enjoy it!
Joey from Baron Fig here! Hope you all enjoy Unfinish—it was two years in the making.
Man, you guys are really pushing it with unconventional notebooks. Love it.
@uxiomatic Thanks Yuriy, this one was an awesome one. Such a good time making it, appreciate the good words!
@uxiomatic Thanks! We try to have fun. :)

Can't wait to get my hands on one.


Love the simplicity of the idea and the book.


None for now.