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Bookmarked! Where is the data coming from?
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Hi Dave, I'm on the Jigsaw team that created Unfiltered.news. Data comes from Google News and then topics and headlines are translated into 40 languages. More info here: http://unfiltered.news/about.html
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Great UX. And multilingual. (Insight: Almost everywhere its just sports)
Lol. Turkey name translated wrong. Turkey = Türkiye not "Hindi" which means turkey as an animal. :)
@umitakcn Oh dear! Thanks for catching this. Will fix shortly. Launching a beta in 40 languages is always a bit exciting : )
@umitakcn We just pushed this fix to production. Thanks again!
Wow! It's available in Dutch as well. This is great!
Any chance to express the categories using different colors? Awesome visuals!