Social layer on top of Spotify and Rdio from Scott Vener

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here if u have any questions or need a product hunt playlist :)
Scott Vener, music supervisor for Entourage, just launched this new music app. It's basically a social layer that sits on top of Spotify, Rdio, and Soundcloud that you share your favorite new tracks.
@andyfortson Thanks for posting our product! Yes, Undrtone hooks into the world's biggest cloud-based services (Spotify, Rdio, Beats and SoundCloud) and yes, it's a place to share your favourite tracks. But it's also about discovery. We found the most consistent way to come across tunes we love was recommendations from trusted friends and tastemakers. It’s that human element that no machine or algorithm can compete with. With Undrtone we’ve designed and built a reliable way to discover really good music. Consistently. Let us know if you've got any other feedback! We'd love to hear it.
@gmdixon Oh I totally got the discovery part. Honestly reminds me a lot of Wax Music, but a bit cleaner design.
@andyfortson Awesome! Thanks for the feedback Andy. It's really helpful to hear what people think. We'll have to check out Wax.
So stoked to find this on here!! Make sure you check out the iOS app as well as the web app!
So far so good. I'm always looking for good music discovery tools. The design is nice, and I love the track view. However, I have no idea how I was following 23 people once I signed up. I don't follow them on Twitter and didn't really have an interest. So, now I have to manually unfollow them.
@iambrakes Hi Brett, thanks for the feedback. We automatically connect you to a list of our top tastemakers so you don't have a lonely stream and can start listening to cool tunes straight off the bat. Not sure if you saw the little onboarding message explaining that. It's definitely something we want feedback on and want to improve.
I only care what @dshan thinks of this product. Should I get it, Derek?
@tonynicalo Played around a bit, and it's pretty solid. Seems like a bunch of music insiders and writers are giving it a go, sharing new music that's super fresh. Kind of instagram-y for music tracks.
Thanks for your feedback @dshan! Have you come across any artists or tracks you like? And @tonynicalo, if you end up jumping on – let us know what you think.
@tonynicalo @gmdixon Digging it so far - especially for the fact that actual new music (like released today new) is surfacing. Loving Caverns and Alekesam, both releases I missed last month. Good stuff. Musicgeeks will benefit greatly:)