Undisturbed for macOS

Distraction free Do Not Disturb mode with hidden Dock badges

Undisturbed makes the macOS Do Not Disturb mode really distraction free by hiding the notifications on your Dock icons so you won't get loose your focus by the red icon when receiving a new mail or message.




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Arno AppenzellerMaker@arno_app · iOS indie
Hey Product Hunters 👋, I made Undisturbed because I caught myself often losing focus or procrastinating when working on my Mac. I started to use Do Not Disturb mode which works good for me till the moment I see a red notification badge on my macOS Dock. I immediately wonder what is this notification all about and loose my focus again. I figured out there is only the option to permanently hide those Dock badges for certain application which isn't a real option because when I don't want to focus I want to see those badges. So I decided to make Undisturbed. It enables DND and hides all the Dock icon badges while Undisturbed mode is enabled. It's a free download but offers some optional features (Launch on startup and stuff) with a Pro version Looking forward to hear your feedback!