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Hey guys, our team worked hard to put together a guide to help better understand proper SaaS marketing spend. This guide walks you through, how to know when you are ready for a marketing budget, and two ways to go about determining your SaaS marketing budget. Take advice from SaaS marketing experts, combined with the data you already have, and you should be well on your way to calculating a healthy budget!
Everybody is running after leads, but to push for a landing page and form that can be completed with a company email, my opinion is that a bit to much.
@danifeld I understand, there's an argument for both sides. When you put a ton of work into something that is super useful asking for a bit of info to understand your interested audience hopefully isn't much too ask. However, if you feel it is, but still want the book, just reach out to me and I can get a copy over to you personally, no problem.