Meet Atlas, the teacherbot who amplifies your curiosity and a passport for all things learned online. A companion app to Undermind, available on iOS, Android and as a web app.

Atlas is open-source and still pretty experimental, help us shape the project!

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Hi PH, Atlas is an open-source project, the goal is to: 1) intelligently select e-learning content uniquely to each person 2) showcase online course diplomas and informal learnings in a single profile The sheet with all our content (add/edit anytime), see here: Existing features: * content discovery * search * bookmarks * skill rankings Features we want to work on: * traditional list interface to complement the bot * webview * improved machine learning algorithms * anonymized community approval system for levelling (ceiling is currently at lvl 10) * character community rankings * improved passport * community pages * goes without saying: non-generic images... We’re keen on open data, however as I’m not an expert on the topic if you have experience or ideas on best practices/tools for implementation I’m grateful for any advice. For the Product Hunt community: If you're interested in teaching your craft as a guest lecturer, or to give a talk on something you’re passionate about, in person to students in a different part of the world you’re invited to join the Undermind pilot program as a beta tester (we’ll be in touch in a month or so)! -->> <<-- Ideas and feedback are very welcome! P.S.
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Undermind Atlas is a great way to feed your curiosity!


Great interface, friendly bot, game-like experience.


Still experimental, has a few bugs.

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Exciting, great interface, broad topics. I want to contribute.
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@sheamarie amazing! It's pretty late over here so I'll reach out tomorrow :) Looking forward
Cool idea Open source is still not up yet. Can u update when it is.
@sjamthe it's back :) Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
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