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Would love to see this have a focus on designers.
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@itsthisjustin Same! Once we see a bit of traction with eng, we'll open it up to design, as well.
@earlofmuir I'd like to be the first to know!
@josh_goldstein @earlofmuir @brett_langdon as a dev in the mid-west, things like this are extremely valuable if you want to work for a progressive company. Looks like a great service, thanks for putting it together.
@imns81 @josh_goldstein @brett_langdon So great to hear, Nate. That's exactly the point: location should not necessarily be a constraint in hiring.
Congrats guys! -- from your office mate :)
@nbashaw Thanks!!
Nice @josh_goldstein ! What this just a natural progression (to focus on remote workers) in your opinion? There is certainly a huge market out there and its only increasing with remote work. How do you see yourself competing (if at all) with the likes of Gigster?
@bentossell Thanks! The caliber of remote candidates that sign up for Underdog.io has always been extremely high. We believe that great engineers live everywhere, not just in San Francisco or New York. So, to help more people, we started doing a remote-only technical batch. And, because we believe in companies that value remote work, we recently decided to make it FREE! =D We're not really competitive with Gigster (but we appreciate their model). We work mostly with funded startups looking to hire for full-time roles. We're still picky, turning down one of every two companies that attempt to join the network. With us, you're not hiring a team to build an app. You're hiring someone to join your team (hopefully) for the long haul.
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@josh_goldstein awesome... I like the longer term approach :)
@josh_goldstein Dude. Congrats. Love the expansion! And hope to be a future customer at some point :)
Really cool to see you guys moving into a niche that isn't served directly. Many of these hiring platforms are starting to blend together and I think there's solid value in serving up remote staff for companies that need it.
@owenbossola Thanks, Owen. We feel the way same.