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Just shared a new blog post (can't get the link to work correctly) about our first four months building underdog.io: https://medium.com/@joshuagoldst... Thanks to @rrhoover and the Product Hunt community for getting us off the ground!
Pretty simple signup process, and quickly got a lot of inquiries from really interesting NYC startups. Thanks guys!
New Medium post covering the first sixteen months of building Underdog.io: https://medium.com/@cmuir/lesson...
Josh here. I'm part of a 3-person team that built underdog.io. It's a side project at the moment. We launched on Tuesday (4/15) - with a little HN and Reddit love, we've had some unexpectedly awesome traffic (and candidates/startups). We also had a random TechCrunch article posted about us yesterday. :D The premise is simple: We work at startups in NYC. We were tired of dealing with recruiters. Receiving resumes of interesting candidates sent directly to our inbox sounded like something we would want. So, we built it. We'd love feedback! And, obviously if you want a new startup job in NYC (or work at an awesome company and want candidates), sign up!
Welcome, @Josh_Goldstein! Maybe it's just me but I'm seeing more creative products for recruiting and talent sourcing lately. Here are a few that have been posted on Product Hunt (cc'ing the founders/team members): - Sourcing.io cc @maccaw - Developer Agents cc @andreasklinger - Hire My Friend cc @jongold - Hired cc @lexilewtan - YesGraph cc @ikirigin And I'm exploring ways to connect talent in the Product Hunt community with the thousands of companies that use the site each day (/jobs is a first step). I like your email-first approach, Josh. You mention it's a side project but what are you long term plans with Underdog.io?