Birchbox for panties

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At first I was pretty skeptical (yet ANOTHER underwear-of-the-month club?) but the panties on the Style Inspiration page looked decent, so I decided to sign up. I was surprised at how in-depth the questionnaire was despite being obviously MVP-stage, which gives me more faith I'll receive panties I like. Of course, I'll report back!
@maiab thanks for signing up!! We look forward to hearing your feedback- I'm a subscriber of RocksBox as well and LOVE it! Together we cover some great outfit essentials :)
@katifriti 2 thumbs up -- thanks Katie!!
@maiab so happy to hear!!!!
Hi @pe_feeds! Thanks for checking us out! Catalina and I are trying to find a time to meet- I hope to connect with her soon! Would love to chat with you offline as well!
@katifriti Fantastic! We're big fans of Catalina. Sure, let's chat in beginning of Feb, e-mail me (sumeet@brandfoundryvc.com)
Interesting concept, considering the flurry of either direct-to-consumer lingerie brands launching (i.e. Negative: http://negativeunderwear.com/ or Naja: http://www.naja.co/) paired w. the sampling model from suppliers pioneered by Birchbox. For $21 / month (is that steep?), a subscriber receives one pair of panties from brands like Cosabella, Commando, Natori, etc.
Thanks @daveambrose! We partner with well-known brands as well as with launching / up-and-coming designers to encourage brand discovery and experimentation. Our price point is on the higher end, though reflective of the higher quality partners we work with (Cosabella et al.)
@daveambrose as I was browsing the site I guessed that a men's version of this would be $15-20 and I have the expectation (admittedly based on stereotypes) that women's clothing is more expensive, so… seems about right to me? Seems cheap?
@daveambrose @katifriti would you be interested in talking with Naja, Katie? I can ask Catalina...
@willimholte I spoke w. the misses yesterday and she thought the price was steep for one pair, however, she did like the fact the brands on Underclub are on the higher end, so she'd be tempted to try. cc @katifriti
@daveambrose Makes sense, I'm used to paying about 1/3 of that, but I'm also pretty cheap and recognize maybe I shouldn't be anymore.